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AMD vs Intel and what does it mean for you?

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Posted: 09-01-2018

We are asked on a regular basis, which should I buy, AMD or Intel? Price, Power Consumption and Temperature used to be the factors that determined Intel or AMD when it came to processors. Now both Intel and AMD processors are basically the same, and most of those factors have gone out the window. Intel and AMD both have clearly defined entry level, moderate use, and power user options when it comes to their product lines, and they both use the same numbering system to boot.

Price wise across the board there is little difference in overall cost for each CPU. When it comes to the overall cost, the savings will be minimal with the AMD vs the Intel. So whichever computer you like more, and best fits your individual needs is the best option.

On the power consumption side of things, again we see little difference between them other than the Ryzen 7, which uses more power than its Intel counterpart. So overall battery life will be roughly the same, so again whichever computer you like more, and best fits your individual needs is the best option.

Temperature, while they are similar, the Intel will run cooler doing everyday things. When you start throwing multitasking into the mix it gets pretty close, with the Intel still being cooler, but not by much. On the thinner laptop's the temperature difference will be more noticeable due to the smaller form factor cooling setup, but overall there will not be a noticeable difference.

Overall our recommendation is to go with whichever computer offers the best price, performance and actually meets your needs when it comes to personal computing. If you have any questions about purchasing a computer and would like to have them answered, swing by our office any time and we can help you make the right purchasing decision.

Below is a chart breaking down some of the individual specs for each of the processors from the individual manufacturers.